One Organization, One Software - No Servers, No Back Ups,
No Hassles. Just Plug & Play. That's What We Call Simplicity!

Manage holiday sales

  • Create quotations by customizing packages on the go or choosing from one of the holiday products
  • Search from the list of available packages based on your customer’s requirement. Search by name, destination, country, duration, code etc.
  • Search for Group packages based on availability, hubs and departure dates
  • Create & send beautiful & professional looking quotations (with images) within five minutes; all prices, markups, discounts calculated automatically in no time
  • Request approval from managers for any additional discounts being provided
  • Send quotation using pre-defined email templates and with all details and product attachments in one go
  • Provision to create multiple invoices (with different customer names) out of one sale
  • Generate/send vouchers for all services with the click of a button

Manage flight sales

  • Ability to read from GDS air files and low cost carrier systems to auto create booking/ticketing entries
  • Define commissions based on supplier, airline, sector combination; define exceptions based on class, sectors, fare types etc.
  • Auto calculation of travel agent commissions, discounts, markups, service charges & taxes based on rules configured
  • Provision to enter airline tax components to the lowest levels
  • Option to duplicate entries in order to save time while making manual entries
  • Provision to choose components on which taxes will be calculated
  • Provision to create separate invoices for various passengers; provision to automate sending of emails/SMS prior to departure
  • Auto reconciliation of invoices with the BSP and other supplier statements and facility to manage refunds

Manage hotel sales

  • Search from a list of hotel products based on name, destination, hotel category, room type, code, country etc.
  • Auto population of prices based on travel dates, room category and meal plan required
  • Add rates per room or per person and per night or for all nights; add early check in, late check out, additional meals prices etc.
  • Preview/generate/send hotel quotations, vouchers with the click of a button

Manage visa sales

  • Select a Visa product to populate all prices while making sales
  • Attach passport copies and other documents; track the complete Visa management cycle from dispatch till receipt of Visa
  • Auto generate covering letters required for dispatching documents
  • Preview/generate/send visa quotations with the click of a button

Manage transfers and other sales

  • Select a product from your transfer products created and let the system calculate the entire costing for you
  • Provision to enter rates per person, per KM, per hour and also additional charges such as driver chares, tolls etc.
  • Preview/generate/send transfer quotations with the click of a button
  • Manage sales for other additional services such as cruise, railway, insurance, activities, add-ons etc.