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Accounting Reports

  • Customer / Supplier statements (Detailed & Summary)
  • Outstanding reports (Detailed & Summary)
  • Sales & Refund reports (Detailed & Summary)
  • Ageing analysis (Airline wise also available)
  • Day/Cash/Bank/Sales/Refund/Receipt/Payment Books
  • Bank Reconciliation / Bank Statement reports
  • Trial Balance & Ledger reports
  • Balance sheet & P/L statements


  • BSP reconciliation
  • Ticket stock & Transmittal forms
  • VISA management registers
  • Refund management registers
  • Employee incentive reports
  • Sales performance and productivity reports

Dynamic/analysis reports

  • Create your reports your way!
  • Hotel sales by hotel, country, destination, supplier, room type, month, quarter, year, salesperson, consultant, branch and more
  • Airline sales by departure date, sectors, airlines, suppliers, class, fare types, branch, salesperson, consultant, year, month, quarter and much more
  • Holiday sales by country, product, type, hubs, departure dates, passenger types, month, quarter, year, salesperson, consultant, branch and more
  • Similar analysis for other services for such as Visa, Transfers, Add On, Cruise, Railway, Insurance etc.
  • Analysis of receipts and payments made, taxes etc. and many more
  • HR and Marketing analysis reports