One Organization, One Software - No Servers, No Back Ups,
No Hassles. Just Plug & Play. That's What We Call Simplicity!

Enquiry management made easy

  • Capture enquiry details while you are on the phone with your customer.
  • Assign enquiries to your team members and track the same.

Integrate to improve

  • Integrate the system with your website to auto create enquiries. Also, integrate the system with your call centre software.

No more typing

  • Set pre-configured email templates and save time on typing routine emails

Manage Meetings/Calls/Tasks

  • Schedule meeting, phone calls with your customers and have the system remind you of the same.
  • Create and assign tasks to yourself or your team members.

Requests & Approvals

  • Request for approvals pertaining to any enquiry with your senior team members

Never miss a thing

  • Have a checklist in place for your salesperson; collect feedback from customers before completing an enquiry

All in one place

  • Track and view history, sales, purchases, refunds, receipts & payments of any lead on a single screen