One Organization, One Software - No Servers, No Back Ups,
No Hassles. Just Plug & Play. That's What We Call Simplicity!

Multiple companies/branches

  • Provision for multi company, multi branch, multi currency settings.
  • Chart of accounts of various countries pre-configured.

The basics

  • Set up accounting periods, cost centers, chart of accounts, opening balances, taxes, ledgers, journals/books, currencies, exchange, customer credit limits and payment terms, all your yourself


  • Create invoices for various travel services offered in few steps.
  • Option to auto create invoices for sales made on your booking engine.
  • Auto creation of flight invoices for tickets booked on Galileo, Amadeus, Abacus systems and select low cost airlines and third party suppliers.
  • Auto calculation of sales and purchase side taxes based on configuration.
  • Option to hide/display your charges on the invoice; print invoices for a different customer while accounting entries are passed for another customer.
  • Option to print all details or limited information of the invoice
  • Option to duplicate invoices, split an invoice into many or merge various invoices into one
  • Option to lock editing of back dated invoices post a specific period. Also, selectively provide access to specific users to edit such invoices
  • Create partial/full refunds with the click of a button from the invoice; all information and amounts will be pulled from the invoice record
  • Option to auto create refund records for all refunds made on your booking engine
  • Option to configure rules for calculation of taxes on refund
  • Option to configure the content displayed on refund/credit note provided to the customer
  • Option to duplicate, split and merge refund records
  • Options to map accounts to each component of an invoice or refund
  • Option to send invoice and refund artifacts by email, with the click of a button
  • Options to retrieve/search invoices based on various information such as Customer name, Invoice Number, PNR, Passenger Name, Product etc.


  • Auto creation of purchase records on confirmation of customer invoices/refunds
  • Auto reminders for payments to be made to suppliers
  • Attach supplier invoices/other artifacts, add supplier invoice numbers etc. to each record for future user
  • Auto revision of purchase info as and when invoice information is amended


  • Create receipts and payments directly from invoices/refunds/purchase records with the click of a button
  • Ability to allocate amounts to credit and debit (invoice/refund) records while creating the receipt/payment record
  • Ability to keep balance amounts open or write off while creating receipts
  • Options to create contra (bank to bank, bank to cash, cash to bank, cash to cash) entries, vouchers using one single screen
  • Print receipt and payment vouchers or email the same to your customers/suppliers, with the click of a button
  • Option to print vouchers in a different customer name
  • Auto creation of bank reconciliation entries in case of check payments
  • Options to add check dishonor/represent entries


  • Add Airline Credit/Debit Memo entries
  • Options for IATA companies to enter ticket stock and generate reports pertaining to the same
  • Reconcile all Billing Settlement Plan and other supplier statements by simply feeding an excel format
  • Option to pair entries at a later stage in simple steps
  • Set up recurring entries for the system to create such entries on a periodical basis
  • Extensive user level access right configuration options to grant/revoke access rights to the lowest levels
  • Generate standard and dynamic reports with the click of a button